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Fire and Police (Lockup)

WMA LockupWhen Waynesville was founded in 1797, the only means of fighting a fire was a citizens’ bucket brigade. The bucket brigade was used throughout the 19th Century in Waynesville. The first Fire House in Waynesville was built on Tyler Street (now Chapman) in 1881. A bell was purchased to hang above the building to be rung in case of fire. In 1886 the Lock Up (the iron cage jail cell) was moved to an addition in the back of the Engine House. Old Faithful, our first steam engine fire truck was purchased in 1886 was housed in this building.

Present Day

The Lockup as it is now called was used until 1952 when the new firehouse was built at 165 Miami Street and our Police Department Today, our Firehouse is located at 165 Miami Street and our Police Department located at 1400 Lytle Road.

Waynesville, Ohio

Waynesville is looking forward to bringing you some of the most unique finds in the country. Visit sixty shops, restaurants, and overnight stay facilities on Main Street, High Street, Miami Street, and Scioto Square. Don’t forget the businesses on Rt 73, which are a part of our Waynesville Merchant Community.


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