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Brimstone Haunt
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Brimstone Haunt

525 Brimstone Road Wilmington Ohio 45177 United States Cell Phone: (513) 409-0644 Website: Website


HAUNTED HAYRIDE: The Brimstone Farm was once a prosperous family farm. Now, it is a place full of long-lost memories, stories, and curses. Many horrors have been reported in these fields but not many are willing to talk about the events that occur in the corn. Come see what’s waiting for you around every twist and turn.

FORGOTTEN FOREST: This is no ordinary woods walk. The Forgotten Forest is a place shrouded in mystery. Many people have gone searching for answers to the unnatural events that occur in and around the forest but none have ever returned. Only the bravest should dare enter these trees and IF you make it back out, you will not be the same as when you went in.

PSYCHOSIS: Around every dark corner awaits disturbing scenes of horror that will pull you further from reality. Get the yell scared out of you as you wind through the dark maze-like pathways trying to find a way out. Or surrender to the darkness and join the horror in a permanent state of Psychosis.

ZOMBIE ASSULT: The zombie apocalypse is here. The infection has spread to every corner of the globe and the future seems bleak. There is a small refugee camp nearby that has managed to fight off the hoard and is heavily reinforced. Board our armored bus with a group of fellow survivors and a small assault team who will protect you in transit to the camp and see if you can survive the zombie assault.

DEAD SHOT: Take up arms against the zombie hoard. Test out your accuracy and reflexes against our army of zombies in this shooting gallery. Hurl paintballs at zombies as they dodge this way and that avoiding their coloful doom. Can you prevent an apocalypse or just paint a pretty picture?


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