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Tennis Itinerary

Courts, Clubs and Competition!

Tennis player with a racketPack your bag and plan to play! Right here in our own back yard, world class tennis every August. The ATP draws the world’s elite men and women’s professional players to compete here in Warren County. Up close and fun to watch are the practice sessions which often turn into autograph sessions. Often seen is Serena and Venus Williams, Rodger Fedder, Raphael Nadel, Andy Murray, Novak Jokivich, Maria Sheripova, and my family’s (daughters) favorite, Andy Roddick. Have a blast and volunteer! Check out their website for details.

Come to play, anytime, Waynesville has our very own public park boasting 4 well maintained hard courts. Moments away, 6 hard courts at Patricia Allen Park. Just a bit further, 6 hard courts on Social Row. If you enjoy playing under the lights at night we’ll direct you to Kettering Sports, 8 bright at night courts.

Need a tune up? A little motivation?

Several premier clubs are close to our home, Quail Run and South Regency both have indoor and outdoor courts as well as club pros to help you improve your game.

Waynesville, Ohio

Waynesville is looking forward to bringing you some of the most unique finds in the country. Visit sixty shops, restaurants and overnight stay facilities on Main Street, High Street, Miami Street and Scioto Square. Don’t forget the businesses on Rt 73 which are a part of our Waynesville Merchant Community.


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