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Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio

Be Rewarded

Be rewarded with every purchase at Canada Goose Gallery!

Be Rewarded With Every Purchase!

A one time fee of $5 will enter you into our Canada Goose Gallery rewards program where you will earn points toward future purchase on any P. Buckley Moss item in our gallery. Earn points toward P. Buckley Moss art items as well as points toward custom, computerized framing. Join today and start building your points base. You will receive your gift certificate in the mail once you have earned enough for free $25 worth of merchandise, redeemable on any Moss Purchase.

If you are a P. Buckley Moss Society member, you will receive double rewards by purchasing from Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio. You will receive points from our gallery as well as the Society on the same purchase. No work on your part once you have joined. Just purchase from our store in Waynesville, Ohio or via our Canada Goose Gallery website ( and start earning certificates! Call today for additional information and how you can start being rewarded for every P. Buckley Moss purchase!

Copy and past this link for more information about the Canada Goose Gallery Rewards Program:

Sign up now and receive 50 points just for joining.

Waynesville, Ohio

Waynesville is looking forward to bringing you some of the most unique finds in the country. Visit sixty shops, restaurants and overnight stay facilities on Main Street, High Street, Miami Street and Scioto Square. Don’t forget the businesses on Rt 73 which are a part of our Waynesville Merchant Community.


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