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Jul 1st

Passport To Savings In Waynesville Ohio Through January 1, 2021

Waynesville Passport Program Give Away Program run through January 1, 2021.


It’s all about you, our valued customers!
Now through January 1, 2021, with every dollar you spend in any of our participating stores, restaurants and businesses, we will reward you with a stamps on a fill up card. When your card is completely filled with stamps, turn the card in to the Waynesville Chamber of Commerce to be entered in a drawing to win cash prizes or one of our 26 different gift cards worth $25 each, redeemable at a business in Waynesville. Fill as many cards as you like and be rewarded!  Bring your card with you each time you visit town and gain enough stamps to fill your first card. You have time to fill several cards and gain more chances to win. Make Waynesville shops, restaurants and businesses your destination of choice and be rewarded with every visit! See you in Waynesville and don’t leave town without your “Passport Program” Card!

Turn in your card when you reach $300 and you will be entered to win gift cards in participating businesses.

OR…continue shopping until the entire card is full ($500) and enter to win gift cards from participating businesses as well as cash prizes. Three grand prizes will be drawn for $100 each or a Waynesville Getaway for two.

List of Participating businesses:

When you’re in town, visit these businesses and let them know you much you appreciate them for making each visit to town even more special. Look for participating businesses with a Passport poster displayed. 

See you in Waynesville…Often!

Waynesville, Ohio

Waynesville is looking forward to bringing you some of the most unique finds in the country. Visit sixty shops, restaurants and overnight stay facilities on Main Street, High Street, Miami Street and Scioto Square. Don’t forget the businesses on Rt 73 which are a part of our Waynesville Merchant Community.


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