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Mar 15th

Original Watercolors by P Buckley Moss

P Buckley Moss Original Watercolor

P Buckley Moss Original Watercolor

The horse is a symbolic image that has been incorporated in the works of many artists throughout the history of art. Contemporary artists like P. Buckley Moss are no exception. Moss has long included the image of the horse as part of her visual repertoire and iconography.

In art the horse represents nobility, grace and strength. In ancient times, it was often a symbol for the spoils of war and it was viewed as a mystical or spiritual being. An entire month of the Chinese Zodiac is dedicated to the horse with characteristics of chivalry, practicality, love, devotion and stability. The Celtic people saw the horse as a symbol of fertility, victory, long life and wealth. The Romans attributed the qualities of power and honor to the horse.

P Buckley Moss Original Watercolor available at Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio

P Buckley Moss Original Watercolor available at Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio

Moss’ horses represent a spirit of freedom characterized by flaring nostrils and flowing manes. Most of her horses are painted as individuals in a full frontal position looking eye to eye at the observer.

The two images pictured above could be companion works and are similar in composition and color. Moss like many artists, will produce similar images perhaps to explore what each might look like with alterations. The horses depicted are painted in a modernist style and are not the realistic depictions that many assume is the style-mark of art. Both images are characterized by Moss’ line work producing a very organic looking image.  The lines appear as branches working throughout the image.  The golden color represents spiritual wealth and abundance for those who might need a visual reminder that the horse is symbolic for those things we most need in life.


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