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Jun 28th

History of the Charles Whitfield House

2016 Charles WhitfieldCharles Whitfield House.

Dr. Charles Whitfield was a medical doctor who ran a private practice from his home. In the 1980s, a couple from Columbus bought the home. Not long after living there, they put up a white sheet to give themselves some privacy from the construction that was going on outside at the time. A short time later, they saw a translucent object through the white sheet. That was only the beginning. Over time, they saw other things that defied explanation as well. Even the owner’s mother-in-law saw things. On one occasion, visitors of the home reported seeing a schnauzer hanging on his from the steps in what seemed to be an unfortunate accident. When the visitor reported this to the owner, the owner replied that it couldn’t be his either of his dogs because his dogs were with him and his wife on vacation. However, he had had a schnauzer previously who had died, and it could have been that one.

This house is colorfully known as “the house that hates purple”. The name comes after two occasions on which the house seemingly defaced or destroyed objects, which happened to be purple, that belonged to the owner.

The building used to be a dance studio. Over time, as many as three ghosts were believed to occupy the building. Two of them were likely to be runaways slaves, which would explain the dislike of the color purple. In their culture, purple is the color of sadness and misery. The third ghost is believed to be of Dr. Mary L. Cook, a beloved former Waynesville resident who worked as a doctor for over forty years. It is believed that her spirit didn’t necessarily live there, but merely came to visit to watch the dancers. Eventually, the dance studio owner grew concerned and moved the studio to a different building. Unfortunately, it was moved to a building that is known to be even more haunted.

For more information, and to register for future ghost tours or ghost hunting classes, go to The next tour is July 16th at 8pm.

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