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Aug 28th

Gourds by Gertskid (Part II) – Finding the Character Within

Mary Cinnamon – Gourd Artist Extraordinaire!

Gourds by Gertskid

Part II  –  Finding the Character Within

(see part I in previous blog)


Painted Gourds

Country Girl by Gertskid

Mary’s gourds are named for her mother, Gertrude Louise, and Mary is “Gert’s kid.”  Her mother always went by Gert, and was completely supportive of all of Mary’s artistic endeavors.  Loving alliteration, Mary could not resist calling them Gerkskid gourds.

Mary loves doing characters, and she likes it when the characters have a relationship with one another.  In turn she has a relationship with the people who buy her art.  She says that creating this art is not a solitary experience.

“It boils down to one human being touching another human being; that’s what art is”, Mary says. This relationship between her, the gourds and the people who purchase them create interconnecting links, even if she never gets to meet the people who buy her work.

Mary tells the story of having made her first doll, “It was a country girl doll,” she says, “and she came out very well but I couldn’t think of a name for her.  During this process our 18 year old dog was dying.  I could look out and see how hard it was for him to walk to the back porch.”  Eventually, they had to have this beloved animal friend put to sleep. In looking at the sweet face of the doll, it suddenly came to Mary that the name for this doll had to be “Waiting for Patches” in honor of their lost dog.

During a show she placed the doll inside one of the crates, away from the edge and almost out of sight because she had no desire to sell it.  Then a woman came in and looked right at it.  “She got it out, and I didn’t want to sell it,” Mary says.  “I told her the story of my dog and found out that she had also just lost her four-legged friend and we ended up weeping together over the loss of our dogs.  That’s the “reaching out” part; you just never know.”

“Selling her that doll became very joyful because she (the purchaser) gave it meaning.”  Mary loves sharing her art with people who walk up and tell her, “I get it and I have to have it.”

More than the monetary satisfaction that creating art can give, Mary says when she creates a piece and someone “gets it,” this is her primary compensation.  Creating art is a way of “…putting your soul right out there, and that’s always a risk.  It’s putting your soul out there and somebody going ‘Yes!’  It is reaching out and touching people. That is one reason I do it.”  Mary believes that the art has to speak for itself and that it must speak to the person who is looking at it.

For Mary, both the giver (the artist) and the receiver (the person buying the art) are important.  “Touching each other…you may never meet, but you did meet in a very important way. The physical presence might not have been there, but your spirit is there.  We’re spiritual beings.”


See part III of this four part series in the next edition.  You can find Mary’s one-of-a-kind, hand painted art pieces at the Canada Goose Gallery. 

Remember:  If you love one that is pictured here, please call right away because no two are identical. 

For more information about Mary Cinnamon or any of the work featured in this article, please contact the Canada Goose Gallery at 97 South Main Street, Waynesville, OH, 45068 or call (513)897-4348 or on the web at



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