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Hammel House Hauntings – Waynesville, Ohio

Hammel House B & B in Waynesville, Ohio

Hammel House B & B in Waynesville, Ohio

The Hammel House Inn is regarded as one of the most haunted buildings in Waynesville. Since Waynesville is the most haunted city in Ohio, that makes the Hammel House one the most haunted buildings in all of Ohio.

We know of at least four ghosts which reside in the Hammel House. The Hammel House used to be apartments. It became a B&B in the 1980s. Interestingly, ghost stories only started coming to light since it has been a B&B. One of our trustees, and sometime tour guide, Bill Stubbs, went to the Hammel House back when it was an apartment building to visit a friend and reported he saw and heard nothing remotely ghostly.

One of the more prominent paranormal claims is of a black shadow. It has been seen on multiple occasions. In particular, one night, a man checked in to room 3. He wanted a quiet evening. He was assured no one else was staying at the Inn that night. He returned to his room and fell asleep. Some time later, he awoke to the sound of the loudest party he had ever heard. He jumped out of bed, turned the doorknob and entered the hall. Total silence. He went downstairs, and there was still no one. The next morning, the man saw a black shadow float through the wall of room 2 and into room 3.

We have several theories on what it could be. Take the tour to find out what we think it could be.

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