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Free Style & Tapestry Weaving Class 10:00am-3:00pm Call for Schedule

Free-Style Weaving at Katherine’s Web, Waynesville, Ohio

So exciting! The craze that is hitting the fiber and weaving world comes to Katherine’s Web in Waynesville, Ohio!

You will not want to miss this class of instruction and the sharing at Katherine’s Web.

This workshop will help you gain confidence to explore and discover the new areas of weaving. You will learn about some new weaving techniques and will make your own special cloth.

  • BRING: You will need to bring your pre-warped loom (Cricket or Floor Loom).
  • Cotton warp yarn will be available for this project at the shop. This is a great chance to “Play with fibers” and creatively add items from your Treasurer Box.
  • Cost of the workshop is $80.
  • Workshop limited to 6 weavers.

Reserve your spot early! 

Explore your own creativity! Learn to weave the Free-Style way!

Call Katherine at Katherine’s Web in Wayneville, Ohio.   937-728-0126 


Waynesville, Ohio

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